Commitment, ambition, energy –
what drives you?


weisenburger is looking for personalities with an edge and vision. You will have the chance to work in a team of committed, ambitious and energetic people to help shape and redefine exciting projects: differently, attractively and sustainably.

As a 2020 top employer in the medium-sized business category and a 2020 Digital Champion, weisenburger is acknowledged as a company with a future. weisenburger currently sets the benchmark for the construction industry in Germany with 100 points.



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  • Responsible and
    versatile positions.

    Responsible and
    versatile positions.

    +Experienced Professionals+
  • Ready for
    a successful
    career start?

    Ready for
    a successful
    career start?

  • Gain valuable
    professional experience.

    Gain valuable
    professional experience.

  • Get to know the
    different training areas
    of weisenburger.

    Get to know the
    different training areas
    of weisenburger.


Six reasons
for weisenburger


Experienced colleagues and mentors will help you get started. People know each other in a medium-sized company – there is a culture of interaction and cooperation among colleagues.


Why does weisenburger carry out more than 100 projects every year and continue growing? Because we always encourage entrepreneurial thinking and the confidence to develop your own ideas. And because weisenburger has the ambition to always achieve the best possible outcome. Is that your ambition too?


weisenburger drives change – in social terms too. For example, with the bike4school initiative, a bicycle tour aiming to support a youth project. Our employees pedalled hard, while the start fee was donated.


weisenburger stands for innovation and does not rest on its laurels, but instead strives for change. weisenburger also develops and promotes ideas for pioneering concepts such as lean construction and passive house design.


You are important to us – because weisenburger wants satisfied and motivated employees. Whether it's open discussions, regular employee surveys or a Christmas tree – weisenburger is always there for you.


weisenburger inspires others to the success of the company. We focus on professionalism, transparency and commitment – this is what makes weisenburger successful in the long run.

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17 Nov 2020

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weisenburger offers a range of professional and personal development opportunities:

  • Onboarding
  • weisenburger akademie
  • start.ING programme
  • Annual appraisals
  • Individual development

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