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weisenburger invest GmbH acts as an independent asset manager within the weisenburger Group. The fund products developed specialise in new-build residential projects. The company offers tailor-made investment solutions for institutional investors. The Investment-Boutique features highly specialised funds for selected investors pursuing a long-term strategy. The special unique selling point on the market is that the weisenburger Group combines the complete value chain, from project planning and construction, to the company’s own portfolio: An interdisciplinary approach is taken in collaboration with weisenburger projekt GmbH and weisenburger bau GmbH. The exceptional entrepreneurial approach is geared towards sustainable success.

Investment philosophy

Due to ongoing urbanisation, we focus on new residential projects in prosperous regions with economic and educational centres. Project developments in secondary markets with very good infrastructure to the centres and sustainable positive socio-economic and demographic forecasts are pivotal. Functional, sustainable, and economically attractive residential projects are created using systematic planning, modules, and the latest manufacturing methods – all managed by weisenburger invest.


Strategies and ideas

Developing new property investment products and optimisation taking investment and tax law into consideration are key activities. The “manufacturing” approach is especially important here so that, in effect, each new product can be tailored to a specific investor group or even an individual investor. Working closely together in a relationship characterised by trust as well as continuous fine-tuning are fundamental requirements for successfully launching a new product./

Portfolio management & Finance

Portfolio management involves holistic owner representation for indirect real estate investments. These include controlling transaction and asset management as well as meeting all of our customers’ requirements under investment law. The aim is to generate an attractive risk/return profile and above-average performance, which includes optimising all other value-relevant parameters such as financing and taxes.

Letting management

The letting strategy during the project development phase and the successful letting services sustainably secure the planned income, making an important contribution to the continuous stability and increase in the value of a property. Acquiring new tenants and retaining existing tenants are at the forefront of daily activities across all types of use. A special type of expertise is required for the initial letting and organisation of the occupation of new-build quarters.

Transaction management

Identifying acquisition opportunities, performing legal/taxation, technical and commercial due diligence and then later on, selling properties are what weisenburger invest is all about. Properties offered by external providers are also assessed alongside preferential access to project developments in the weisenburger Group. Many years of established business relationships with relevant market participants ensure a full deal pipeline.

Asset management

In asset management, the investor’s performance targets are realised on a real estate level. This includes planning and implementing modernisation and development measures, but also area and tenant restructuring, right up to repositioning properties. The aim is to increase value added potential through active real estate management.

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Success factors

weisenburger invest as your partner and idea generator

  • Manufacturing character: Individual investment requests for customer through tailor-made/configurable investment solutions.
  • Direct access without a bidding process: Advantage due to privileged access to properties during the project phase already.
  • Clear investment philosophy and stringent investment process.
  • Steady pipeline that doesn’t run dry – which is made up of in-house products with continuously developing quality standards.
  • Holistic asset management approach across the whole value chain with transparent reporting.
  • Fast reaction times through efficiency and a dedicated team with interdisciplinary know-how.
  • Digitisation as an integral component of the management strategy.

Acquisition profile

Locations: Focus: In the metropolitan regions of North Rhine-Westphalia, Rhineland-Palatinate, Hesse, Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria.

Sites: Urban sites with very good infrastructure to the centres and sustainable positive socio-economic and demographic forecasts.

Properties > 8,000 m² GFA or existing properties > 6,000 m² rental space.

Essential criteria: Land: existing building rights; existing properties: from 1950 with potential for refurbishment or from 2010 with potential for rent increases.

Transaction structures: Asset Deal or Share Deal.

Investment volume: Project developments and property sizes from € 10 million upwards.

Strategy: Housing freely financed and / or publicly subsidised, student & senior housing, no leasehold (proportion of commercial use < 30 %)


ESG – sustainable & responsible

Environment: weisenburger promotes the careful use of resources by using systematised products and with the help of digital transformation. The continuous further development of building materials used makes an active contribution towards improving ecology and the CO2 balance.

Social: Progressive qualification of employees is important to weisenburger: weisenburger is trying to counter the skills shortage with continuous training initiatives, its own academy, as well as proximity to academic establishments. Software solutions developed in-house and the weisenburger app world optimise processes on construction sites and in management.

Governance: weisenburger takes the cornerstones life, work, leisure, and culture into consideration in the developments. Social commitment and charitable causes are actively promoted: The “Herbert-Weisenburger-Stiftung” promotes art and culture according to its foundation goals.

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