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Development at weisenburger
Support, challenge and discover potential


Staff development is a central component of weisenburger's corporate culture. We can only successfully implement projects and align with future challenges with qualified and top-performing employees. Daily working life at weisenburger is marked by change and innovation as well as by the professional and personal development of each individual. We want to successfully prepare our employees for current and future challenges with the help of career development opportunities.

Staff Development
in 2022



Development opportunities
for junior staff, specialists and managers


weisenburger offers target group-specific advanced training in various subjects and skills areas: Professional and methodological expertise, personal competence, social skills and leadership skills.

In addition to established training programmes such as the weisenburger akademie, there are various individual development opportunities and onboarding events for new employees.

  • weisenburger akademie I – Construction management+

    Your career
    in construction management

  • weisenburger akademie II – Project management+

    Your career
    in project management

  • weisenburger akademie app+

    Innovation in
    human resources development

  • Onboarding+

    Welcome to

  • Annual appraisals & individual training courses+

    Broaden your
    personal horizon


Your career
in construction management


weisenburger akademie I
Construction management


Parallel to a career start via junior construction management as well as in similar positions, weisenburger enables participation in a 2-year advanced training programme "weisenburger akademie I". The programme includes around 40 seminars, presentations and workshops held by internal and external speakers.

After successful completion of weisenburger akademie I as "Certified construction manager Steinbeis", you can expect career advancement in construction management, participation in our attractive bonus system and further career opportunities.


  • Unified knowledge base for new colleagues
  • Personal and professional development
  • Getting to know the philosophy and standards of weisenburger
  • Networking with colleagues from other areas and locations

Basics of turnkey construction

E.g. tendering and awarding, DIN standards and commercial skills

Construction manager
as a personality

E.g. dealing with conflicts, work-life balance, communication skills

IT systems

E.g. project and document management, controlling and the digital construction site

Formal work

E.g. state building regulations, award and contract regulations, warranty management

weisenburger philosophy

E.g. values and vision, lean construction, quality management

Your career
in project management


weisenburger akademie II
Project management


weisenburger offers a 1.5-year advanced training programme for experienced construction management staff in preparation for project management. In addition to intensive supervision by the academy management, the programme includes a total of 13 event modules (approx. 30 training days). These are run by internal and external consultants.

In small groups (approx. 10-15 people), you will participate in training courses, seminars and workshops with other young managers. After successful completion of weisenburger akademie II "Certified project manager Steinbeis", you can expect a career advancement in project management and further career opportunities.


  • Structured career planning
  • Personal and professional development
  • Communication of relevant areas of competence
  • High practical relevance
  • Lasting learning outcomes

Technical and methodological competence

E.g. construction project management, construction and contract law, commercial

Personal competence

E.g. motivation, resilience, change and design thinking

Leadership skills

E.g. transformational leadership, successful decision-making and delegation

Social skills

E.g. team building, communication, emotional competence

Innovation in
Staff Development


weisenburger akademie app
Digital event management


The weisenburger akademie app simplifies scheduling, event documentation and evaluation. Course participants can register for events independently and confirm their presence by means of a QR code scan. At the same time, the app constitutes a digital learning platform on which tutorials and training materials are stored.

to weisenburger


Your start at weisenburger


Around 4-5 times a year, weisenburger organises an onboarding event for new colleagues lasting several days. The aim is to get to know weisenburger as a company as well as basic processes and important contact persons. In parallel to the specialist and methodological events, you will have the opportunity to network with other colleagues from different locations and to exchange information about projects. Key onboarding content is listed below:

  • Company presentation – Facts and figures
  • Your entry into the company – perception, communication and cooperation
  • Internal standards and processes
  • Presentation of central areas/departments
  • IT user training
  • Visit to thebaustein building materials display centre

personal horizons


Annual appraisals and individual training programmes
Needs-based promotion of employees


weisenburger considers it important to offer individual development opportunities for employees in addition to its standardised training programmes. As part of regular annual appraisals with direct superiors, career and further training objectives are defined and training requirements are coordinated with the staff development department.

The more specifically an advanced training measure (e.g. specialist lecture, seminar, coaching, workshop) is tailored to the individual requirements, the greater its success. The focus of the choice of advanced training measures is above all on the applicability of what has been learned, practical relevance and sustainability.

An attractive
career start