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Large construction site from above with three cranes

weisenburger creates living space for 280 Europa-Park employees

Rust– weisenburger has built 129 apartments with space for 280 park employees directly next to the new Europa-Park Hotel "Krønasår". The building project consists of three buildings including apartments, family homes and space for shared accommodation. All residents will have access to a courtyard garden, communal areas and numerous parking options.

This building project is the realisation of the master's thesis by architect Ann-Kathrin Mack, the daughter of Europa-Park founder Roland Mack. 129 apartments providing enough room for 280 park employees will be located in three building complexes, spread over a total space of 8,000 m². All of the buildings have cellars providing space for technology and basement rooms as well as plenty of bicycle storage and car parking spaces. A courtyard with trees, bushes and grassed areas will provide residents with an area to relax. "The development is a friendly space for employees providing a courtyard and communal spaces," explains Europa-Park.

Exemplary construction in the district of Ortenau, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany 2014-2020 – the building project was awarded this prize by the Baden-Wuerttemberg architects association. According to the jury this project is an accomplished example of how a theme park operator can fulfil its social responsibility and provide high-quality living spaces for its seasonal workers.

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