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Large construction site from above with three cranes

weisenburger is developing 37 new residential units on the old Lehmann plot

Blankenloch – The Lehmann plot, that was once a large industrial unit with a car dealership and automotive workshop, is being converted into a new residential area on Hauptstraße in Blankenloch. weisenburger projekt is implementing the building project in conjunction with weisenburger bau. The project consists of 37 residential units as well as underground parking with 62 spaces. A square in the area has been designed for residents to congregate and provides children with somewhere to play in close proximity to the apartments.

Twelve terraced houses in three groups of four and two multi-storey residential buildings with 25 apartments will provide a total living space of 3,700 square metres. The two to four room apartments in both of the multi-storey residential buildings will offer living space of between 60 and around 110 square metres. All of the apartments will either have a patio or balcony. The living space in the terrace houses will be around 150 to 160 square metres. The building project also includes an underground car park with 62 spaces. Further parking spaces will be provided aboveground for visitors.

All of the residential units have already been sold. The structural work has been completed and the units will be handed over by the middle of 2020. "The official handover is planned for 30th June next year," explains a representative of weisenburger projekt GmbH.